Last Call 2013 was the second annual Last Call. The card was created by WSF Owner/RAW GM Wrestling Machine Smackdown General Manager Straight Edge Saviour and additional help from Y2J. 

Match # Match Votes Notes
1 Rated R Superstar beat The Bad Guy (17-7)
2 Wolfpack V.2 (Jeff Hardy, Daniel Bryan and Santino Marella) beat Bonafide Ass Kickers(c) (14-10) for WSF Tag team championship
3 Justin Ryder beat Christian NWA(c) (16-8) for WSF European championship
4 Miz is Awesome bear Celtic Warrior (21-3)
5 Cena Rules beat Chicagoes Punk(c) (15-9) for WSF Intercontinental championship
6 Triple H beat Edge for life, Styles Clash, Dante Petralli (11-6-5-2) winner gets WSF championship shot at wrestlemania
co-me Straight Edge Saviour(c) beat The Legend Killer (16-7) for WSF World heavyweight championship
Main event Y2J beat The King of Wrestling(c)  (13-11) for WSF Championship

Previous PPV- Royal Rumble (2013)

Next PPV- Wrestlemania 3

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