Wrestlemania 3 was the biggest WSF event of 2013, it was created by the WSF Owner/RAW GM Wrestling Machine Smackdown GM Straight Edge Saviour and 4 users (Y2J, The Bad Guy, Broski of the week, Rated R Superstar) who all made one episode of WSF new show Nitro



  • Pyro Hits show begins*

Match 1: United states championship

Dante Petralli(c) vs. Air Bourne vs. # 1 Peep

  • Kanes Rage and Mega Badass are backstage staring eachother down, they then Shake hands and leave*

Match 2 Money in the bank match

Saviour of the masses vs. Mega Badass vs. Kanes Rage vs. Edge for life vs. Chicagoes Punk vs. Brian UCE

* I want Styles Clash to promo on how tonight theres no way he will leave here tonight in a ambulence* 

Match 3 European championship First blood match

Justin Ryder(c) vs. Christian NWA

  • I need a joint promo between Celtic Warrior and The Broski to talk about there Tag team championship match tonight* 

Match 4 Ambulence match

Style Clash vs. The Legend Killer

* I want Y2J to do a interview and talk about The Bad Guy vs. Rated R Superstar, and about his main event match tonight with Triple H* 

Match 5 WSE Tag Team Championship

Wolfpack V.2 (Jeff Hardy and Santino Marella)(c) vs. Untamed Abilities (Celtic Warrior and The Broski of the week)

Match 6 No DQ match

The Bad Guy vs. Rated R Superstar

* I want Jeriholic to promo about his match tonight*

Match 7 Intercontinental championship

Cena Rules(c) vs. Jeriholic

*After the match despite the outcome Cena Rules attacks Jeriholic with a belt and gives him an FU through the spanish announce team* 

Match 8

Wrestling Machine vs. King of Wrestling

  • I want the Miz is awesome to promo about his match for the title in the ring* 

Co-ME World Heavyweight championship

Straight Edge Saviour(c) vs. Miz is Awesome

Main Event Last Man Standing WSF championship

Y2J(c) vs. Triple H


Thank you all for another great wrestlemania   


Match # Match Votes Notes
1 Air Bourne beat Dante Petrallie(c), #1 Peep  (13-12-5) for WSF United States Championship
2 Mega Badass beat Edge for life, Chicagoes Punk, Kanes Rage, Saviour of the masses, Brian UCE (9-8-6-4-2-1) Money In The Bank ladder match
Justin Ryder(c) beat Christian NWA (26-4) first blood match for WSF European championship
4 The Legend Killer beat Styles Clash (16-14) Ambulence match
5 Untamed Abilites (Broski of the week, Celtic Warrior) beat The Wolfpack (Jeff Hardy and Santino Marella)  (20-10) for WSF Tag team championship
6 Rated R Superstar beat The Bad Guy (19-11) Street fight
7 Cena Rules(c) beat Jeriholic  (17-13) for WSF Intercontinental championship
8 Wrestling Machine beat King of Wrestling (19-11)
co Miz is Awesome beat Straight Edge Saviour(c)  (19-11) for WSF World heavyweight championship
ME Y2J(c) beat Triple H  (18-12)  Last man standing for WSF Championship

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